About This Book

Mobile applications have gone through a period of brutal growth due to the rapid development of the mobile Internet in recent years. However, the computing power of mobile devices has not been greatly improved accordingly. For large-scale APPs, The optimization has encountered unprecedented challenges, not only the engineering productivity but also the user experience. Boosteropen in new window was born under such challenges. It provides another choice for the quality and experience optimization of mobile applications. I believe this is also a very good choice.

After Boosteropen in new window is open sourced, it has been recognized by thousands of engineers. Due to the complexity of Boosteropen in new window’s project structure, optimizing mobile applications also needs advanced JVM knowledge, this is extremely a big challenge for beginners. I think it is necessary to introduce Boosteropen in new window systematically and how to utilize it to help more engineers.

Target Audience

This book is mainly for Android application developers. Since Android uses a JVM (Java Virtual Machine)-based programming language as its application development language, readers of this book should not only have basic knowledge of the Android platform, but also have a good understanding of JVM.

Some chapters of this book involve compilation principles and static analysis. These contents are also applicable to application developers of other programming languages. It may be difficult for beginners. I believe that everyone will be able to master and apply easily in continuous learning and practice.

All contents of this book are ALLOWED TO BE FREELY DISTRIBUTED IN ANY FORM WITHOUT MODIFICATION, including but not limited to reprinting, archiving, printing, etc.